Vietnam Handicraft Manufacturer

Kim Phat is handicraft manufacturer (Craft Producer)Kim Phat is handicraft manufacturer (Craft Producer)Our handmade factory produces and exports to many countries in the world.Our eco handmade products (craft products) made of natural material such as bamboo, rattan, sea grass, water hyacinth, jute, fern, palm leaf, willow...1. Handmade Baskets: - Bamboo baskets, palm leaf baskets, rattan baskets, sea grass baskets, water hyacinth baskets…- Bamboo laundry baskets, palm leaf laundry baskets, rattan laundry baskets, sea grass laundry baskets, water hyacinth laundry baskets…- Bamboo flower planting baskets, rattan flower planting baskets, seagrass flower planting baskets, water hyacinth flower planting baskets…2. Handmade Gift Boxes: bamboo boxes, palm leaf boxes, rattan boxes, seagrass boxes, water hyacinth boxes…3. Handmade Brooms: straw brooms, grass brooms4. Handmade Cushions: sea grass cushions, water hyacinth cushions…5. Handmade Hand bags, bags: sea grass handbags, rattan bags, bamboo bags… (bags, hand bags, flower bags…)6. Handmade Hats: straw hats, palm leaf hats, bamboo hats, sea grass hats… (man hats, women hats, Mexican hats, cowboy hats…)7. Handmade Home Décor: bamboo fans, sea grass fans… (fans, interesting shape…)8. Handmade Mirror Frames: bamboo mirror frames, rattan mirror frames, jute mirror frames…9. Handmade Lanterns: Bamboo lanterns, rattan lanterns, jute lanterns, sea grass lanterns…10. Handmade Material: bamboo tube material, rattan core, rattan threads, rattan weaving…11. Handmade Pet Houses, Pet Home: rattan pet houses, sea grass pet houses, seagrass pet home, waterhyacinth pet houses, water hyacinth pet home… (cat house, cat home, cat carts, home for cats, house for cats, cart for cats, dog home, dog house, dog carts, home for dogs, house for dogs, cart for dogs, house for pets, home for pets, carts for pets)12. Handmade Pillows: rattan pillows13. Handmade Placemats: bamboo place mats, palm leaf place mats, rattan placemats, seagrass placemats, waterhyacinth placemats… (bamboo blinds…)14. Handmade Rugs: Sea grass rugs, seagrass door mats, seagrass door rugs, water hyacinth door mats, water hyacinth door rugs…15. Handmade Sedge: sea grass sedge, water-hyacinth sedge…16. Handmade Slippers: sea grass slippers, bamboo slippers…17. Handmade Trays: bamboo trays, palm leaves trays, rattan trays, seagrass trays, water-hyacinth trays,…18. Handmade Wicker Furniture: bamboo furniture, rattan furniture, sea grass furniture, water-hyacinth furniture: shelves, cabinets, tables, chairs, benches…Our main product lines: 1. Baskets (bamboo, palm leaf, rattan, sea grass, water hyacinth)2. Boxes (bamboo, palm leaf, rattan, sea grass, water hyacinth)3. Cushions (sea grass)4. Hand bags made of bamboo, sea grass, rattan, water hyacinth5. Hats made of straw, palm leaf, sea grass, bamboo6. Home decor made of bamboo, fans, sea grass fans, mirror frames7. Lanterns made of bamboo, sea grass, rattan, jute8. Material made of bamboo cans, rattan core, rattan weaving9. Pet houses, pet home made of rattan, seagrass, waterhyacinth10. Pillows made of rattan11. Place mats made of bamboo, sea grass, rattan12. Rugs made of sea grass, water hyacinth13. Sedge made of sea grass, water hyacinth14. Slippers made of sea grass, bamboo15. Trays made of bamboo, rattan, sea grass, water hyacinth, palm leaves16. Wicker furniture made of sea grass, rattan, water hyacinth, bamboo


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