BB-BO-13 Bamboo gift box ( hộp quà từ tre tự nhiên )



- Place of origin:Vietnam
- Brand
- Item no:BB-BO-13
- Product name:Bestseller natural  bamboo basket square shape with lid.Mooncakes storage gift basket kitchem storage 
- Type:Gift box, souvenir box, present box, fruit box
- Product purposes/usages:Gift box, souvenir box, present box, accessories box, fruit box, multi usages.
- Product features:Nice weaving, beautifull shape, durable, long life lasting, washable, food safe, eco, environmental protection
- Single/set:Set of two (two bodies)
- Shape:Rectangular
- Material:Bamboo 100%
- Color:Natural (or on request)
- Product size:18x9x6


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