JT-RU-01 Indoor jute rug with good quality wicker ( thảm đay trong nhà chất lượng tốt )



- Place of origin:Vietnam
- Brand name:KimPhat.vn
- Item no:JT-RU-01
- Product name:Indoor jute rug with good quality wicker
- Type:floor mat, floor rug
- Product purposes/usages:table mate, door mat, floor mat, multi usages, door rugs, floor rugs, multi usages
- Product features:high quality strong jute rope, premium quality, long life lasting, washable, rollable, eco, environmental protection
- Single/set:signle
- Shape:oval
- Material:Jute 100%
- Color:natural
- Product size:40 x 70 x H1.5cm


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