Mirror placement

Certainly! The placement of handmade mirrors made of natural materials can enhance both the aesthetic and functional aspects of your space. Here are some good positions for placing such mirrors based on their shapes:

1. Round Mirrors:

Entryway: Create a welcoming atmosphere by placing a round mirror in the entryway. It can provide a last-minute check before heading out and make the space feel more open.

Living Room: Above a console table or fireplace, a round mirror adds a stylish focal point and reflects light, making the room appear larger.

Bedroom: Position a round mirror above a dresser or as part of a gallery wall to introduce a touch of elegance.


2. Rectangular Mirrors:

Dining Room: A rectangular mirror placed on a dining room wall can add depth and create a sense of spaciousness during meals.

Hallway: Enhance narrow hallways by installing a rectangular mirror to visually expand the space and reflect natural light.

Bathroom Vanity: Over a bathroom vanity, a rectangular mirror provides both functionality and a modern aesthetic.


3. Oval Mirrors:

Powder Room: Oval mirrors work well in powder rooms, adding a soft touch and complementing the curves of the space.

Master Bedroom: Above a vanity or dresser, an oval mirror can contribute to a harmonious and calming bedroom environment.


4. Eye-Shaped Mirrors:

Creative Spaces: Eye-shaped mirrors, with their unique design, make a statement in creative or eclectic spaces. Consider placing them in studios, offices, or artistic corners.


5. Half Moon Mirrors:

Foyer or Entryway: Half moon mirrors can be placed above a console table in the foyer to create an interesting and stylish first impression.

Living Room: Mounted above a sofa or accent table, a half moon mirror can complement the furniture and add a touch of sophistication.


Remember, the key is to consider the reflection, lighting, and overall aesthetics of the space when placing mirrors. Experiment with different positions to find what works best for your specific room and design preferences.


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